(For a genuine Montessori House of Children) Age group: 2-6 yrs.

The period between 2 to 6 years of a child is the most crucial in a child's development. It is considered the Formative Years of a child since the emotional, psychological, intellectual and social foundations are formed during this period.

Unfortunately, it is also the most neglected age group of a child which requires immediate remedy through the opening of innumerable quality Play-schools where children are given an opportunity to scientifically learn through play as a methodology.

Montessori methodology is a comprehensive educational approach to children based on their needs and on guiding their natural learning tendencies as they unfold with age.

CMTC offers FRANCHISE and CONSULTANCY to genuinely interested Parties in opening and starting their own International quality Montessori Play-schools. All assistance is provided.

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Some basic reasons for investing in a Pre-school business:

  1. Not impacted by business cycles
  2. Recession Free Industry
  3. Less staff & limited liability
  4. Consistent Growth
  5. Prime commercial locality not required
  6. No stress of unsold inventory or wastage
  7. All cash/cheque business
  8. Less operating cost - more profit margin
  9. Easy working hours
  10. Holidays as per children's holidays.

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